Monsoon Attraction

The rains herald in a wave of nostalgia, romance, glittery smiles, and yearning memories. Happy dancing feet, the sweet fragrance of fresh wet soil, hot tea, and hot pakoras, cheering for the paper boat race, long walks on the scenic route and unending chatter with your loved ones. If you are amongst those who enjoy everything a little more when the skies are grey- a monsoon attraction, then this hidden place to visit near Pune is the perfect opportunity to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city and plan a holiday filled with adventurous activities, trekking, panoramic views of lush greenery, and reading by a window with thunder and rain as your soulful soundtrack.

The blue river water, the emerald green trees, the champagne-colored sky, and the colorful flowers. The showers heighten the feeling of romance with surreal vistas, making you fall in love once again, Bamboo and Bricks is the most romantic place to visit near Pune in monsoon for couples.

The authentic food complimented with a rustic ambiance. In this gorgeous property, there is no reason for rainy day blues. Luxuriant verdure, sweeping vistas, and warm and welcoming hospitality await you at Bamboo and Bricks. Your rainy holiday is only highlighted by the sights and sounds of dramatic skies and rainfall, a perfect concoction for unforgettable memories. A perfect monsoon picnic spot near Pune, and a must-visit place to visit near Pune in monsoon.

Lush paddy fields and greenscapes come alive with earthiness and thick foliage when you embark upon a one-day monsoon trip near Pune to this marvel of Bamboo and Bricks. Moments are created in a lifetime and you should definitely not miss this breath-taking riverside resort where you can read your favorite book while relaxing in the cozy Bali-style cottages and do nothing but be lazy and pampered. The accommodation is comfortable, clean, and pleasant. Strict hygiene and sanitation protocols are followed at the resort and is safe to visit. 

Even if only for a quick monsoon drive near Pune, a scenic drive to Bamboo and Bricks gives you a fresh atmosphere to sink in oodles of the charm of nature.

Every monsoon getaway is crafted with impeccable details just for you and your loved ones. Bamboo and Bricks is one such place that looks perfectly flawless during the monsoon, is an exemplary place to visit near Pune in monsoon within 50 kms.

Bamboo and Bricks is an ideal monsoon resort near Pune that will make you forget destinations like Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, and more. Here you can experience lush havens that are out of the ordinary and relive childhood memories or create new ones with friends, family, and loved ones, with this resort near Pune in the rainy season.

The resort is family-friendly and an amazing getaway for the elderly, couples, kids, and pets. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and head for Bamboo and Bricks, the best resort in Panshet for an unforgettable monsoon experience!


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