An iconic Experience…let’s feel it

You wake up to unusual bird chirps, Mesmerising Sunrise, and winds that calm your senses. Away from the hustle-bustle of Pune city’s chaos, Bamboo & Bricks has an ample number of cottages, rooms, and camping tents for your Family Outing, Fun with Friends or Corporate get-togethers.
Food made by our expert chefs, we assure you forget the outside world and have a Harmonious time at our resort.

Bamboo and Bricks Room
Bamboo and Bricks ambience
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Bamboo and Bricks amenities



Indulge your senses in an ample space with sophisticated interiors, rooms made up of only bamboo and bricks including a classic bed and rich textiles.




Family Studio Room

The Bricks studio captures the very essence of unbridled luxury and offers lush comfort in an elegant setting.




bamboo and bricks studio room

The Experience


If collecting experiences, instead of things is the key to a happy life, then you’re at the right place- Bamboo and Bricks. Just Stroll during the Sunrise or lounge around in your pajamas under the carpet of Stars.. Relax, Unwind with our Delicacies cooked right to lift up your spirits and help you rejuvenate.





Our Indoor play arena with a billiards table, Fusball, Carromboard, Ice Hockey will ensure you have an excellent time showing your skills. Else, you can also indulge and show your sports enthusiasm with our outdoor activities.


Bamboo and Bricks Amenities 1

Cherish Your Memorable Moments


Special Occasions are meant to be remembered, for a Life time. We at Bamboo and Bricks help you create Memories. Be it surprising your Spouse with a beautifully decorated room, or a Candle light dinner. Or if you want to celebrate anniversary or a Birthday, we would ensure to arrange and make the moment unforgettable